Time:   10. July 2020
Location:  Pärnumaa
PS. At the same location will be also 2xCACIB shows on 11. & 12. July 2020!

Change in judge!
Both breeds will be judged by: Beata Petkevica, Latvia

welsh corgi pembroke: Andrew Carter, USA (kennel Saddlelane) - judgement cancelled
welsh corgi cardigan: Ingrid Prytz Ohm, NORWAY (kennel All Trade) - judgement cancelled

Make you entry using one of options:

-  filled entry-form
- copy of pedigree (not needed for EST / FIN registry dogs 
- copy of payment OR signed quarantee letter
- copy of champion title if dog entered to champion class

Entry fees



baby, puppy, veteran



other classes



 veteran 10+ years in VET class


 brace  / breeder/ progeny

Payment options:
- to bank account using following info:
recipient: Eesti Welsh Corgide Tõuühing
Bank: SEB Bank
IBAN account: EE251010220077550010

- at the show in cash:
please send quarantee letter in free writing and send it signed with doc's!

NB! All dogs participating the show must be micro-chipped and must have a valid certificate of vaccination against canine distemper, infective hepatitis and parvovirus infection and rabies. http://www.kennelliit.ee/eng/shows_and_sports/eku_show_calendar/vaccination_requirements

NB! Dogs whose date of birth is 1st August 2013 or later and whose tail is docked may not take part on show!